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Dirk and his team were fantastic to work with helped us to navigate the financing for our home. I would highly recommend working with Dirk and his team. – Paul

Loved working with the Planet Home team! Responsive, friendly, knowledgeable and very helpful. Made my home purchase so much less stressful. Thank you! – Christine

Dirk is beyond a mortgage broker, he is a member of our family. We have worked with Dirk for 14 years and have never met anyone in any field that can match his customer service or market knowledge. It is almost impossible to find someone as trustworthy and helpful as Dirk. Everyone should use him!!! – Samuel



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At the age of 14, I asked my mom to teach me how stocks and the stock market worked. She showed me what my college savings were invested in and from that point on I looked up Texaco, US Gypsum, Tesoro, and few others in the Boulder Daily Camera every day (yes, I’m a Boulder native and old enough that stock prices were actually published in the paper). When the price went up it felt like a Broncos win and when it went down a Bronco loss. I was hooked and that was just the beginning of my career in finance. I went on to earn a degree in Economics, had securities and insurance licenses, held financial planner designations, been a commercial lender, and an active investor, but nothing has brought me more satisfaction and excitement than debt optimization and mortgage lending. Seriously, I love what I do! I mean, where else have you ever heard the term “debt optimization”? That alone should tell you all you need to know about me. But, I need to tell you the rest of my story…

I know I am one of 130 Colorado licensed Mortgage Loan Originators (MLOs) in Boulder, Colorado. If you include the neighboring towns of Lafayette, Longmont, Louisville, and Superior then I am one of 247. There are over 15,000 MLOs in all of Colorado, which includes the giant out-of-state phone/internet-based lenders like Quicken. Even more crazy is that still does not include all the banks and credit union MLOs who are not required to be licensed (that’s another story altogether). Further, I know we all get inundated with cheesy mortgage radio ads and internet click bait that shape our mindset on borrowing.
Well, as one of my clients put it, “Dirk is rare in the mortgage world.” Here is why…I’ve realized that when you have so many choices for a mortgage that the mentality is to commoditize it. To marginalize it. All the way down to rates/prices/closing costs/service. Because when there is little to no differentiation a mortgage, is a mortgage, is a mortgage, right? And that, is exactly what the zeitgeist wants you to believe. And that’s, why in Colorado there are at least 20,000 people who can provide you with a mortgage. What borrowers don’t understand, though, is when you dilute delivery you get ignorance.

Therefore, since I’ve seen the myopic approach to borrowing disappoint and fail too many homeowners, I’ve built my business on the platform to treat your mortgage like a sophisticated and complex financial tool (because it is!). The objective here being to empower and educate my clients to think critically about who, what, when, where, why, and how they use their mortgage. When you truly realize the impact of structuring your mortgage to be in sync with your goals then you understand “debt optimization”.

Almost 90% of all mortgages come from the same three sources, so when you see “Low(est) rates and closing costs” those are marketing monikers for mis-information; “Great Customer Service” in our vernacular is telling you about turn times and great communication. Great rates and customer service are fundamental, they are fluff. What you never, or “rarely”, see is a lender who will synthesize information and resources, applying it to your unique individual situation, and provide abundantly clear
financial options and strategies HELPING YOU to make informed decisions delivering superior mortgage results over shopping around for the proverbial lowest rate.

If you are still reading this then we are probably a very good fit. I realize it takes time for my message to mature and really sink in, but it is what has built my business over the last 20 years. I don’t pound my chest over my sales or production achievements. That wouldn’t make me original. I am a resource for my clients. They trust me because I’ll tell them not to refi or go elsewhere because it is the right thing for them. So, I invite you, your friends, and family to join me on this adventure of crafting the best mortgage experience for you.

Personally, as a true Boulder native I love living in the bubble with my wife and two teenagers. My dad, Don, was director of the Boulder County Open Space program in the late 70s and why my passion for this town runs so deep. I have completed four full-distance Ironman triathlons and enjoy mountain biking, tennis, CU basketball, and Dale’s Pale Ale.

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