3 Common Questions About Refinancing

3 Common Questions About Refinancing

Whether you’ve refinanced before, or you’re considering it for the first time, there are a few common questions that might be on your mind as you start reviewing your options. In this blog, we address some common questions we get about refinancing.

Can You Rent Your Vacation Home?

Every year about this time the calls begin to come in.  They go something like this: “We were up skiing this weekend and would really like to buy a place up in the mountains … “Now, when you get as long in the tooth in this business as I am, you see a lot of trends...

The Fed, Rate Hikes, and What It All Really Means

“I heard the Fed raised mortgage rates.” You wouldn’t believe how often I hear that statement.  It is one of the biggest myths I have to dispel with borrowers.  Especially with borrowers who are concerned over looming interest rate hikes.  Well, dig in for a few...